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Photo of my toon, Milton.

Hey there fellow Toontown players! My name is Milton The Dog, or, you can call me Milton. I hope to see you in-game and stay tooned! :D

About MeEdit

I'm a fourteen year old gamer, who has very nostalgic feelings towards Toontown Rewritten, and Toontown itself.

Why I'm Back On TTREdit

I would be classified as one of those people, who want to play again, Like the twenty-five thousand others. I've made so many memories on this game, They're hard to forget!

Skype InformationEdit

If you ever would like to play TTR together, Add me on skype! My skype name is : lifebutdeath. Stupid name right? Well. That's life. :D


As you may have already read on this wiki. I'm Ren, in Ben and Ren, Ben would be Quagmire Dog. Check out his blog aswell!

Ben and Ren's FutureEdit

I plan to record videos of Ben and I, and Quagmire Dog, and I, doing VP's, CFO's, And other things such as toontasks, and some walkthroughs!

Gaming InformationEdit

I've been gaming since I was five years old. when I got my first laptop, which turned out to break at the age of 7. That is when I got my first ACTUAL desktop computer! Since then, I've been running on a AMD Radeon 7700, giving me full power to play TTR with no lag or any other game!